The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart. Ps 51:17

Craig started his pro music career in Folk music and then into CCM in the Mid 70's. After 20 +years in the secular music field, he took a break from music and developed three internet based companies in web development, global vineyard facilitation and an import company. In 2001 he returned to his roots and began serving in the worship arts depts. of various churches. he became a licenced minister in 2003 and ordained in 2005. He is the founder and ex. Dir. of Praise2Worship Ministries

His wife Jane is a 36 year veteran of NorthWest now Delta Airlines and they are celebrating 34 incredibly blessed years of marriage this year. With three children and four grandchildren, they remain busy between thier traveling schedules, family, church and community.

Here's some of our kids, friends and relatives at Christmas.
You know kids... You can't get them all together at once and there is always someone in a picture you don't know :).


P2W Ministries was formed as a non-profit corp. in the state of MN in 2005. Part of receiving the larger federal nonprofit status and maintaining non-profit status is having a regular flow of small donations coming in each month. We did not recieve enough small donations to finish our filings, and did not feel right about going on a 24/7 mailing spree to try to get donations, so we've just begun to do the work we feel led to do inspite of the tax status, and we claim whatever comes in as our ordinary income like all Craigs musical events.

It is very important to seek God's face as to who you should be sending your offerings to. If you are not involved in a mainstream church, you should be sending your offerings to people with needs. What neighbors, homeless, single moms, widows, orphans and needy are in your neighborhoods. To these you should be sewing your "love". The love that can break down the walls of injustice.


For us a a music ministry, we will continue to do what we can, and if people begin to support us in a way that allows us to file for Federal Status, we will re address that filing.




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